Bring more perspective to
your images.

Synapse 3D's radiology visualization software lets you visualize images in ways that you've only imagined. With familiar workflows and integration with Synapse PACS, Synapse 3D is easy to integrate into your routine.

3D just got easier!

Advanced visualization workflow just got easier with one-click access to 3D images. Access Synapse 3D directly from the Synapse Power Jacket, or use the "quick launch" feature to open Synapse 3D automatically from a toolbar.

Integration with PACS means you'll use a familiar functional elements that are consistent across Synapse products, including login credentials, IT image and data management, and product functionality such as consistent mouse and image scroll/cine functions. As a complement to PACS workflows, Synapse 3D adds advanced analysis tools for a complete picture. Tool Linking creates additional efficiencies by allowing you to access a second tool without exiting the first.

Fujifilm sets the bar with Fujifilm Image Intelligence technology that allows accurate measurements and exceptional masking segmentations.

Synapse 3D is available at any workstation where you currently access Synapse PACS. The patient list is synchronized with Synapse PACS. And Fujifilm's fast, proprietary, secure communication protocol means that 3D tools are available with full features, even on low-specification terminals.

Take your workflow to a new level.

  • Orthogonal and oblique views with one click - including double oblique
  • Easily change views: 3D, SSD, MIP, MINIP, SMIP, RaySum
  • Click to perform extractions such as organ, vessel, bone
  • Save snapshots and cine images directly to PACS
  • Right-click access to window level, zoom/pan, measurements, annotations, help

A Suite of Powerful Tools

Synapse 3D's powerful tools provide value to Radiology services:

  • Efficiency
  • Confidence
  • Convenience
  • Business expansion opportunities
    • New imaging services
    • Surgical planning
    • Asthma/emphysema tracking