Discover a new way of seeing!

Optimize workflow with Synapse 3D's advanced diagnostic tools for radiology. Synapse 3D is fully integrated with Synapse PACS and Cardiovascular, with one-click access and a consistent user interface. Access from any Synapse client with Fujifilm's fast, secure proprietary communication protocol.

3D Workflows

Intuitive features at your fingertips

Synapse 3D was designed with extensive input from clinicians to support an intuitive and logical workflow for radiologists, cardiologists and other clinicians. Easily scroll through images in orthogonal and oblique display; create and rotate double oblique image slices on multiple planes. Quickly perform organ, vessel and bone extractions, and perform vessel analysis with stenosis and plaque. Right-click to apply volume and linear measurements, and save results directly to your report.

Fast and easy 3D workflow

  • Log in to Synapse PACS and launch 3D with one click
  • Select the patient study
  • View orthogonal and oblique images
  • Cine images if applicable
  • Perform volume rendering
  • Extract individual elements (bone, organ, vessel)
  • Calculate linear and volumetric measurements
  • Snapshots and reports are automatically saved to PACS

View typical workflows

Always have the tools you need.

Synapse 3D offers a comprehensive selection of application tools to meet the needs of the medical enterprise. General Tools are available to process and analyze data from non-specific body parts. Clinical Tools, such as Liver Analysis, Kidney Analysis and others, analyze data in a workflow that is clinically relevant to the needs of Oncology, Cardiology, Neurology, Pulmonology, Gastroenterology and Urology.

All application tools were developed by Fujifilm, with the same familiar look and feel, making analysis more intuitive and efficient. For example: you can right-click from any tool to access window level, zoom and pan, measurement functions, and more.

Fujifilm's proprietary Image Intelligence® technology means you can rely on accurate measurements and exceptional segmentations.