Discover a new way of seeing!

Optimize workflow with Synapse 3D's advanced diagnostic tools for radiology. Synapse 3D is fully integrated with Synapse PACS and Cardiovascular, with one-click access and a consistent user interface. Access from any Synapse client with Fujifilm's fast, secure proprietary communication protocol.

3D Workflows

Thin-client, but no lightweight!

Synapse 3D provides true, full-featured thin-client capability. Fujifilm's blazing-fast, proprietary communication protocol allows for data transfer between server and client that's 260x faster than our previous version and meets all requirements for HIPAA compliance.

Synapse 3D is web-based and enterprise capable: all the applications you need are available on any workstation running Synapse, eliminating the need for separate workstations or additional logons, while maintaining security levels. Working remotely just got easier: all applications are available with full features even on low-specification terminals, and reports and user-settings follow you to any Synapse PACS or Synapse Cardiovascular client.

Other technology features include:

  • A shared common database with Synapse PACS means patient list remains synchronized
  • DICOM storage support for multiple modalities
  • Scalability: connect additional servers for additional concurrent users
  • 64-bit server-side rendering
  • Virtual server option available
  • Easy upgrades

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