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Optimize workflow with Synapse 3D's advanced diagnostic tools for radiology. Synapse 3D is fully integrated with Synapse PACS and Cardiovascular, with one-click access and a consistent user interface. Access from any Synapse client with Fujifilm's fast, secure proprietary communication protocol.

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Fujifilm: Focused on continuous innovation

From microscopy to outer space, Fujifilm keeps seeking better solutions. Fujifilm is a Fortune 200 global corporation powered by a dedicated international workforce, an annual commitment of $2 billion to research and development (R&D), and a steadfast pledge to empower customers through innovation. Fujifilm is dedicated to researching and developing cutting-edge technologies that will shape the future. Fujifilm Advanced Research Laboratories works in fields ranging from organic synthesis to image processing, bringing continuous innovation and leading-edge products to a broad spectrum of industries.

Healthcare experiences that enhance the quality of life

FUJIFILM Medical Systems, U.S.A. is devoted to providing healthcare experiences that enhance the quality of life. From the development of the first web-based PACS system to advanced Radiology Information Systems and 3D visualization tools for radiologists, FUJIFILM Medical Systems continues to provide technological solutions that embody these values.

Over 30 years of image visualization

Synapse 3D was designed by Fujifilm Research and Design Center with extensive healthcare provider collaboration. Incorporating over 30 years of image visualization, Synapse 3D sets the bar in advanced visualization tools for radiology.

Synapse 3D's coronary artery extraction algorithm continues to score the highest in an evaluation of 21 coronary artery centerline extraction methods.1, 2

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2 P. Lo, B. van Ginneken, J.M. Reinhardt, Y Tarunashree, P.A. de Jong, B Irving, C Fetita, M Ortner, R Pinho, J. Sijbers, M Feuerstein, A Fabijanska, C Bauer, R Beichel, C.S. Mendoza, R. Wiemker, J. Lee, A.P. Reeves, S. Born, O Weinheimer, E.M. van Rikxoort, J Tschirren, K Mori, B Odry, D.P. Naidich, I.J. Hartmann, E.A. Hoffman, M. Prokop, J.H. Pedersen and M. de Bruijne, "Extraction of Airways from CT (EXACT'09)", in IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, vol. 31, pp. 2093-2107, 2012.