Discover a new way of seeing!

Optimize workflow with Synapse 3D's advanced diagnostic tools for radiology. Synapse 3D is fully integrated with Synapse PACS and Synapse Cardiovascular, with one-click access and a consistent user interface. Access from any Synapse client with Fujifilm's fast, secure proprietary communication protocol.

One-click access from Synapse PACS and Synapse Cardiovascular!

Eliminate the need to access your advanced diagnostic tools from a separate workstation or with a separate logon. Full integration with Synapse PACS and Synapse Cardiovascular means one-click access from any Synapse client. Your patient list is synchronized with Synapse PACS, so it's always up-to-date and always accurate.

Consistent and familiar interface, tools and workflow

  • Easily transition from Synapse PACS or Synapse Cardiovascular
  • Shared left-to-right, top-to-bottom workflow for all tools
  • Tool Linking feature allows clinicians to add clinical workflows without leaving the patient study - excellent solution for complex cases requiring additional attention
  • Tools such as measurement, pan/zoom, annotation share Synapse's "look and feel"
  • 3D images and reports are automatically saved to Synapse PACS and Synapse Cardiovascular

Set and forget your preferences!

What is your style? Do you like unique workflows or do you want consistent workflow practices in your clinical care setting? It is your choice! Because Synapse 3D is web-based, your preferences and user-defined customizations follow you to any workstation. Automatic screen resolution means no resizing, even from remote locations or at home. Thin-client technology means fast, secure communication, with full-featured tools running even on low-specification terminals and computers.

Do you train others or want to copy your preferences to other user profiles? No problem! Synapse 3D will help streamline your workflows for consistent workflow practices. Synapse 3D supports multi-vendor and multi-modalities including CT, MR, CR, US, NM, PT, and XA, and is also available as a standalone workstation.