Blazing-fast, One Vendor Solution

Synapse 3D was designed and developed by Fujifilm and provides true integration with Synapse PACS and Synapse Cardiovascular. Web-based technology, true thin-client and a proprietary communication protocol add up to secure access from any Synapse client at blazing-fast speeds.

Fujifilm innovation puts the focus on the image.

Synapse 3D offers clinicians a streamlined, rapidly efficient workflow. Synapse 3D uses SYNAPSELink to synchronize the patient database with Synapse PACS to lower time spent retrieving and saving images. Pre-cache, pre-render capabilities enable faster image results.

Designed and developed by Fujifilm

  • Fully developed by Fujifilm: robust, integrated, efficient
  • One-vendor solution
    • Synapse family of products
    • One company, one support team
    • Streamlined implementation, training and support
  • True full-featured thin-client, even on low-specification terminals
  • Fast, proprietary communication protocol - 260% faster than our previous version
  • Meets HIPAA compliance requirements
  • Scalable and flexible: Serially-connect additional servers for additional users
  • Supported DICOM storage for CR, CT, MR, PET, NM, XA, US, US Multi-frame, SC, Enhanced CT, Enhanced MR
  • Vendor neutral
  • Server-side rendering
  • 32- or 64-bit compatible
  • Virtual server option available
  • Supported by Fujfilm's 24/7/365 technical assistance team
  • Base Clinical Toolset includes a suite of powerful tools; Advanced tools available in two other packages
  • Fujifilm's proprietary Image Intelligence algorithms allow accurate measurements and exceptional masking segmentations
  • Secured pass-through authentication between Synapse Cardiovascular and PACS to Synapse 3D allows customizable user profiles
  • Automatic monitor resolution configurations eliminate steps, increase radiologist productivity
  • Context-driven reference guides are at the customer's fingertips
  • Ability to duplicate user settings from one user profile to another for consistent workflow processes

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